Marketers Shooting the Shit

Ever feel like there’s too many Marketing Podcasts that are just a little too stuffy and professional? Marketers Shooting the Shit is all about giving the best minds in marketing a chance to flex their knowledge muscle without the posturing. With guests ranging from former Wall Street professionals to Drug Dealers turned marketers. The conversations are always interesting, real, and informative. Marketers Shooting the Shit is hosted by Shawn “The SEO Geek” Swaim. Grab a cigar or a drink (or both), kick back, and enjoy the conversation.

Shooting the Shit with Jason Falls: Marketing is just Good Ideas

In this episode, I dig deep with a marketing industry legend, Jason Falls. We cracked open some bourbon and went through Jason’s story… From his young days to college days to his time as a Sports and PR Professional all the way up to his work in Influence Marketing. Jason is a renowned speaker, author,…

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Shooting the Shit with Seth Goldstein: Sell what you care about.

In this episode of Marketers Shooting the Shit, Shawn and his guest (and good friend) Seth Goldstein discuss the evolution of marketing from a skill to a profession, the importance of community in marketing, and the impact of third-party cookies. They also discuss Seth’s journey from selling container boxes and digital cameras to founding his…

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Shooting the Shit with Brian Griffiths: Owning your Market Position

I had a lot of fun catching up and chatting with Brian Griffiths of B-Strong Marketing. We discussed a wide variety of topics but there was a nice chunk about the importance of building a brand and owning who you are in your market. To learn more about Brian and to connect:…

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Empathy and Confidence with Drewbie Wilson

My guest for this episode is none other than my good friend, Drewbie Wilson. Drewbie is the VP over at Break Free Academy/Apex. Not only is his story absolutely incredible, but Drewbie is a wealth of marketing and sales knowledge. Without giving too much away… Drewbie’s start was a little rocky and unguided. By realizing…

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