MPN is now a Sounds Profitable partner

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The Marketing Podcast Network took another step this month in becoming the primary resource for marketing related podcasts as it officially signed on as a Sounds Profitable partner. It joins a roster of industry pillar organizations like NPR, Triton, Spotify, Wondery and Puskin Industries and offers MPN access to both industry-leading insights and consulting, but also connections to fellow partners for potential growth.

From MPN’s perspective, Sounds Profitable is THE think tank and professional association for the business of podcasting. In many ways it plugs us in to the latest news, advances, innovations and advice that will drive the industry forward in the coming years. But equal in importance, it gives the Marketing Podcast Network a seat at the table with other category leading companies to help shape that future.

Sounds Profitable partners receive access to industry research, events and insights, much of it exclusive. The partnership also includes regular council from Sounds Profitable partners Bryan Barletta and Tom Webster, two of the leading thinkers in the podcast space.

Sounds Profitable also has regular podcasts, newsletters, research and other content available to anyone with a business interest in podcasting. Subscribe to each at