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This week on the podcast host T. Adeola talks with K-pop influencer turned agency owner and Creator Economy Evangelist, Tinashe Chaponda. Formerly a YouTuber, Chaponda grew his channels to over 25k subscribers at 30 million channel views and worked with brands from Plato’s Closet and Coco International. Afterward, Tinashe started Sosani Studios, a creative ad agency that focused on top funnel and growth marketing campaigns for brands leveraging influencer and their social platforms.

Chaponda has led branded content series campaigns from Cash App America 48-State Tour, COMPA USA Tour with Warner Brothers & Dwayne the Rock Johnson, and continues to execute influencer campaigns for over 100+ brands.

Tinashe’s mission is to continue building communities for brands, and influencers and create an impact within the creator economy.


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