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Adelaide Braddock On Traveling The World And Entrepreneurship

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Long-time exec, first-time CEO. Adelaide Braddock is a world traveler (literally… twice) and is using her experiences and the experiences of her team to help others make the most out of their journeys. Aside from her passion for travel, Adelaide loves cooking almost as much as she loves eating. She is also a rabid Tampa Bay Lightning fan, language nut, and cat mom to the one animal in the world that talks more than she does.

Key Moments
08:26 – Love for team and how it all started
09:04 – Origin story of TripBee
14:16 – Best and worst things about being an entrepreneur
15:42 – TripBee’s purpose and pain point it solves
16:05 – Contextual information missing in travel planning
17:32 – Difficulty in finding saved content
18:26 – Difficulty in organizing saved content
20:32 – Importance of carrying something for video
23:44 – Promoting TripBee

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