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This week host T. Adeola talks with c-suite trailblazer Adanta Ahanonu. Adanta Ahanonu (she/her) is a nonprofit executive leader with expertise in program management at the intersection of workforce development and higher education and has a strong passion for helping others achieve their full potential. Currently, she serves as the Chief Program Officer at COOP Careers, a national nonprofit focused on overcoming underemployment for recent first-generation college grads through digital skills and peer connections. Prior to joining COOP, Adanta spent over six years at the national nonprofit, Year Up, and before then she worked in the private sector.

Adanta is an alumni fellow of the Surge Institute and UMass Boston’s Emerging Leaders Program and is on the Board of Rivet School. Additionally, Adanta is a member of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women’s Oakland-Bay Area chapter and a member of the women’s network Chief. Adanta earned her BS in Business Administration from Boston University and her Master’s in Nonprofit Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a dance enthusiast, spin devotee and dedicated to running a half marathon each year.


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