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Visual Brand Storytelling with Getty Images

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Tristen Norman is Head of Creative Insights at Getty Images. Using both sides of her brain, she and her team help brands of all shapes and sizes bring their work to life in an increasingly visual world. We discussed what this looks like this week on the On Brand podcast.

About Tristen Norman

Tristen Norman is the Head of Creative Insights, Americas at Getty Images. She operates as one-part visual anthropologist and two-parts data scientist – working across disciplines to understand what motivates visual selection, identify trends within visual language, and using this data to help shape the development of Getty’s creative content globally. Leveraging consumer research, and social and cultural listening and pairing it with proprietary data, Tristen hones in on the valuable insights that feed the development of Getty Images own creative collections.

A passionate advocate for elevating marginalized voices within creative spaces, Tristen also plays a critical role in supporting and advancing initiatives and partnerships with the aim of championing diverse visual narratives at Getty Images and beyond.

Tristen’s experience stems from over nine years of experience in creative design, market research, and brand strategy. Prior to joining Getty Images, Tristen was most recently a Senior Experience Strategist at Wunderman, where she was responsible for developing creative, data-driven omnichannel creative brand strategies for clients across a variety of industries.

Tristen earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Temple.

Episode Highlights

What does it mean to be “one-part visual anthropologist and two-parts data scientist”? “I think about visual storytelling all day,” Tristen notes. What’s going to drive action and move the needle for people?”

“At Getty, we see ourselves as a content company in an increasingly visual world.” Tristen shared several fascinating findings from Getty’s new Visual GPS study.

“Visuals are the centerpiece of storytelling,” Tristen explained. “It’s about being moved. That’s what great brands do.”

What brand has made Tristen smile recently? “Tinder’s latest campaign—it starts with a swipe.” Tristen loves this campaign, especially its bold use of color.

To learn more, connect with Tristen on LinkedIn and see her team’s work at creativeinisghts.gettyimages.com.

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