Shooting the Shit with Alex Garashchenko: Sippin’ Spirits and Discussing Fine Details

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In this episode I got the chance to sit down and sip some fine spirits (ok… that’s a fancy way of saying we drank whiskey) with my good friend Alex .

Alex is founder of Doodle Applications, and we discuss his passion for spirits, his upbringing, and his journey as an entrepreneur. From his childhood in Ukraine to the birth of his company, Alex reflects on the importance of details in his work and the evolution of his neighborhood.

Key Points:

The willingness to take risks and adaptability inherited from his parents’ decision to immigrate from Ukraine.

Collaboration and partnerships enhance problem-solving and lead to more thoughtful solutions.

Awesome Quotes:

“I’d rather move slower initially and then have easier long term, you know, have less issues with things or buy something once so I don’t have to buy it again later.”

“The moment that they’re looking through your website… you’re building trust.”

I always feel like I get a bit smarter each time I talk to Alex and this time was no exception. To learn more about Alex, check out what he’s up to at:


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