Shooting the Shit with Tony Kindness: From the Country Club to Running a Large Agency

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In this episode I got to chop it up with my friend Tony Kindness. I’ve known Tony for 10+ years and it was still awesome to sit and learn more about him.

Tony shares his journey in marketing, highlighting the importance of problem-solving, collaboration, and staying updated with the latest trends and technologies. He emphasizes the need to adapt and work alongside technology to stay competitive in the evolving marketing world.

Key Takeaways

  • Tony and his friend launched a city guide for Philadelphia, which evolved into a boutique agency offering website development and marketing services.
  • The agency’s success was driven by their ability to adapt to technological advancements and client needs, such as incorporating content management systems.
  • Transitioning to consulting allowed Tony to focus on specific areas of expertise, provide personalized solutions, and develop close relationships with clients.


  • “(AI) It’s happening, and it can replace you if you do not learn about it. But if you are in the marketing world, I think most people are gonna take advantage of it…”

It’s always a great time talking to Tony. If you want to keep up with what Tony is up to, check out his LinkedIn.

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