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Tagger Founder Peter Kennedy Discusses His Company’s Acquisition by Sprout Social

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If you’ve been paying attention to the goings on in the influencer marketing world, you know by now that there was a major acquisition announced recently. Sprout Social, long known as one of the top social media management solutions in the space, acquired Tagger Media. Its main product, Tagger, is one of the leading influencer marketing software solutions on the market. It was once a regular sponsor of this program as well.

Tagger was actually also responsible for bringing me to the Influencer Marketing Show a couple of years ago. Pete Kennedy, its founder and I became friends with a shared vision and passion for the space. We had him on the show back in March of 2022. You can find that episode in our show notes at

I loved what Tagger’s software could do. I used it exclusively for a couple of years. I still do for certain strategy and research projects, though and other tools are a part of my strategy arsenal as well.

When the announcement came down that Tagger had been acquired, it was a personal celebration of sorts. My friends there reached the end game of the original goal of a startup business. It was sold for a reported $140 million in cash. So I have a couple of contacts who are a considerable amount wealthier now. That’s always a good thing to celebrate. 

But the news and the move also leave a lot of questions. 

So I reached out to Pete Kennedy and asked him to come answer them. We caught up last week and ironed out the what-ifs and what-nows of the big move, dug into the issues of the day in the influencer space, and I got Pete’s take on how AI factors into the influence space moving forward.

We’ll dig into the news of the day and get one smart man’s perspective on other things, too. Pete Kennedy is coming up on Winfluence. 

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