NB15 – Mr. AI Goes to Washington

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Episode 15 looks at the U.S. government’s efforts to regulate the AI industry. Marketing professionals may want to closely monitor the rapidly evolving landscape of AI regulation.

Greg and Geoff begin by discussing last week’s U.S. Senate hearings that garnered plenty of media attention but resulted in no concrete action.

Despite the White House’s anticipated executive order on AI and voluntary commitments from 15 companies to uphold safety and security standards, there is a general perception that legislative efforts are lagging due to concerns over stifling AI development. Meanwhile, the European Union has made substantial strides in AI regulation with the Digital Services Act and the forthcoming Digital Markets Act, which impose stringent requirements on data usage and platform behavior.

Various government agencies, such as the SEC and IRS, are already utilizing AI for tasks like fraud detection, indicating that the impact of these technologies is immediate and wide-ranging.

For marketers, the implications are clear: Regulatory environments are fluid and could either restrict or facilitate AI-driven initiatives. If enacted, it does appear regulations will favor larger companies like the Big Tech incumbents. And if enacted, marketers will need to ensure that their own decisions about building, buying, and deploying AI follow the new rules.

What to Listen For

00:00 Start

06:00 Big AI players come to Washington and meet with the Senate

15:15 What does regulation look like? Geoff’s crystal ball.

34:10 Individual government agencies adopt AI

53:30 Brainer and No Brainer

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