No Brainer – An AI Podcast for Marketers

AI is changing everything, including how marketing and sales leaders are approaching their businesses. In this bi-weekly podcast, Greg Verdino and Geoff Livingston share the big news, trends, and lessons learned from AI evolutions as they impact business sales and marketing. From ChatGPT to marketing intelligence analytics and everything in between, get the latest information you need to succeed.

NB26 – AI Hype is Dead. Long Live AI!

Yahoo! Finance found that executives are only half as likely to mention AI on their earnings calls. Research from BCG found that enterprises aren’t as enthusiastic as they used to be about generative AI. Even Sequoia Capital — a major investor in AI startups — has argued that the majority of AI tech companies are…

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NB25 – The End of Third-Party Cookies. Is AI the Answer?

In today’s podcast, the conversation centers around Google’s deprecation of third-party browser cookies, its impact on marketers, and whether AI might be part of the plan for moving digital marketing forward. Greg Verdino and Geoff Livingston discuss the importance of first-party data, the challenges of unifying data, the role of AI and machine learning in…

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NB23 – CES Takeaways for Marketers

Greg and Geoff run down key AI news from the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show

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NB21 – The AI Year in Review (2023)

A year! That’s right — it’s been a full year since ChatGPT came onto the scene and sent the world into a tizzy over generative AI. To celebrate the occasion and because 2023 is winding down, Greg Verdino and Geoff Livingston taking a look back at the “Year of AI.” What trends, tech, big news,…

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NB20 (Special Episode) – Sam Altman Out at OpenAI?

Around mid-day on Friday, November 17, Sam Altman — the high-profile CEO of OpenAI — was fired without notice by the organization’s non-profit b0ard. CTO Mira Murati was elevated to interim CEO, president Greg Brockman lost his own board seat and subsequently quit, and several senior AI researchers resigned too. Word on the street is…

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