2-3x Your Sales Without Selling Your Soul

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Sick of sleazy sales tactics but want to make money?? Meet Heather Wylde! She’s a sales Coach for high-integrity coaches & healers who want to 2-3x their sales.

As an Ethical Sales Coach and the mad genius behind Wylde Coach LLC. Her passion is helping high-integrity online coaches and healers create ways of marketing & selling that allow them to sell their services without feeling like they are selling their souls.

She’s an expert at showing people the immense value of their services so they can confidently raise their rates and creating custom lead gen and sales techniques that work without hype or bullying. Her clients frequently raise their conversions by 200 – 300%!

Heather is passionate about the coaching industry and frequently says, “Therapy saved my life, personal growth made it worth living.” She is a consumer advocate who speaks out against predatory sales and marketing practices online and is the author of the Online Entrepreneur’s Survival Guide (available on Amazon).

Heather is also the creator of the “ROI? Or Debt & Regret Summit”, helping biz owners make solid investments and avoid debt & regret. Sessions dropping from Oct 30- Nov 23, 2023.

Choose the Best Business Coach for YOU: the ultimate guide to researching and vetting potential mentors so that your online biz can thrive!

Set for release for just $0.99 the week of Oct 30th

You can find her @heatherwyldecoach on both Facebook & IG

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