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Katie Brinkley From Sports Reporting To Social Media Entrepreneurship

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In today’s episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Katie Brinkley, a former sports journalist turned social media entrepreneur. Katie’s story is an inspiring one, as she shares her journey of how she fell into the world of entrepreneurship and created a thriving social media agency.

Katie’s background in sports reporting, including working as a postgame reporter for the Broncos and the Rockies, provided her with valuable skills and a love for being on air. However, when she was unexpectedly laid off from her job as a marketing manager, she found herself at a crossroads. It was during this challenging time that she discovered her true passion for social media and decided to create her own agency.

Starting as a solopreneur, Katie hustled for three years before taking her business to the next level. She invested in a coach, launched her podcast, and hired her first assistant. Now, four years later, Katie proudly leads a team of seven individuals, with three full-time employees and a group of dedicated contractors.

Key Moments
[00:02:16] Laid off. Boss suggested social media role.
[00:05:17] Changing careers, gaining valuable experience for leadership.
[00:09:18] Working hard, burning out, kids, school.
[00:11:28] Delegation and timely communication keeps me awake.
[00:13:40] Mountains are my happy place, always present.
[00:16:37] LinkedIn and Instagram for business networking.

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