NB21 – The AI Year in Review (2023)

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A year! That’s right — it’s been a full year since ChatGPT came onto the scene and sent the world into a tizzy over generative AI. To celebrate the occasion and because 2023 is winding down, Greg Verdino and Geoff Livingston taking a look back at the “Year of AI.” What trends, tech, big news, and boo-boos caught and kept our attention during a year that was (shall we say) eventful? Listen or watch this pipin’ hot episode of No Brainer to find out.

As a bonus, you’ll also find out why Geoff regrets buying a fancy new webcam!

What to Watch For

00:00 Start

05:50 Geoff’s Trend 1: AI Euphoria – Business communities were abound with excitement during the first half of the year.

07:10 Greg’s Trend 1: AI Hype Cycle — From Euphoria to existential risk, and everything in between.

15:05 Greg’s Trend 2: The Generative AI Horse Race — Open AI has opened the door, and it is a dynamic market with many competitors, including Claude and Google.

18:40 Geoff’s Trend 2: Fake AI — From shrink-wrapped GPT solutions masquerading as new solutions to bolt-ons, we saw a lot of masquerades.

24:20 Geoff’s Trend 3: The Struggle for Ethical AI — From data sourcing and public figures to government regulation and Open AI’s board scrap, ethical AI is a constant discussion point.

31:20 Greg’s #3: Coca-Cola’s Bain and OpenAI Partnership — Coke has paved the way for corporate marketing AI innovation.

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