Med-Free Migraine Relief

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Barbara Soltesz deeply cares for everyone who is suffering from headaches and migraines. Her 32 year-long quest to find a solution to her own pain and discomfort led her to discover a medication free method which helps more and more people to leave headaches and migraines behind.

She is also multi-passionate and there is another subject really close to her heart: is pregnant ladies and new mamas. She has worked with hundreds of mamas the context of pre and post natal yoga, as a birthing doula, as a career coach and natural health solution consultant. With never ending love, energy and awe she support ladies in all of these phases of their lives.

Barbara has a Master’s degree in Economics and a decade of work experience from around the globe as a business consultant, change, and project manager.

She is a mom of two teen boys and is fluent in English, Dutch, Spanish, and Hungarian.

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