NB22 – 2024 AI Predictions with special guest Jeremiah Owyang

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It’s our big year-end blow-out! For this episode, we’re joined by AI expert extraordinaire, Jeremiah Owyang, as we each make three bold predictions for AI in 2024. Anyone who knows Jeremiah knows that he’s made a career out of being a step or two ahead of just about everyone else when it comes to making sense of the intersection between business and technology. For anyone who doesn’t know him, Jeremiah is a long-time industry analyst turned entrepreneur and venture capitalist whose Llama Lounge events have become must-attend soirees in Silicon Valley’s AI startup scene.

Geoff and Greg first met Jeremiah back in the early days of social media. So, what happens when you get three veteran martech monsters together to share their takes on what lies ahead for artificial intelligence? Fireworks!

  • Prediction #1 (Jeremiah) — AI agents in your email
  • Prediction #2 (Greg) — AI startup bloodbath (bye-bye, GPT wrappers)
  • Prediction #3 (Geoff) — The race toward multimodal AI sparks an acquisition frenzy
  • Prediction #4 (Jeremiah) — Google loses search market share to generative AI tools
  • Prediction #5 (Geoff) — OpenAI feels more fallout from its recent drama
  • Prediction #6 (Greg) — The rise of small or “specialized” language models
  • Prediction #7 (Greg) The end of aimless experimentation as marketers get strategic with AI
  • Prediction #8 (Geoff) D.C., the presidential election, and the rising rhetoric about regulation (and more) will make us “hate” AI.
  • Prediction #9 (Jeremiah) Hyper-personalized content gets real

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