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Hosted ByJonathan Gaby

Marketing Distilled is a podcast to help you make sense of the marketing landscape and help grow your business and brand.

How to Market an Unsexy or Unglamorous Brand

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Marketing Distilled opens up their virtual mailbag and answers a question from Jeff Parrott, owner of a debt collection company.
He asks, “how do I market an unsexy or unglamorous brand or business?”
On the show you’ll learn:

How to reframe ones thinking about unsexy or unglamorous brands

Discover the features, benefits, and emotions of a business

A sampling of frameworks that someone can use

Finally, after a short commercial break, our Master Distiller, Jonathan Gaby, gives some actionable tips and ideas on how to put into practice some of the theory behind the marketing challenge, including websites, social media, and email marketing.
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