Marketing Distilled

Hosted ByJonathan Gaby

Marketing Distilled is a podcast to help you make sense of the marketing landscape and help grow your business and brand.

Interview with Troy Sandige, Strategy Hacker

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Marketing Distilled sits down with Troy Sandige, Strategy Hacker, to get to know his business, his background, insights into the world of marketing and more.
Tune in for a triple pour of wisdom, insights, and more from Troy Sandige.
You’ll discover:

How Troy went from being an electrical engineer to 5x agency owner.

How he grew donations for fetal heartbeat monitors in Africa

His frameworks for every business you can use today.

You’ll also learn about DEIB Marketing strategies and why it’s important for every business.
And, because it’s Marketing Distilled, the interview concludes with a smooth finish of actionable items for the early career marketer and the business owner, looking to grow their business.
Troy has written a book, called Strategize Up. Click the link to learn more.
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