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S6 Ep12: Influencer Marketing Campaigns Are Becoming More Performance Led Ft. Charlotte Lake

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Our guest today is Charlotte Lake. Charlotte began her career over 15 years ago within the broadcast industry working in advertising for Channel 5 before transitioning into Talent Management. It was here, looking after the likes of Meghan Markle, Lily Cole and Bob Geldof, to name but a few, that Charlotte discovered the huge potential in pairing the right talent with the right brands in order to help them thrive. And in 2017, Project X was born! Charlotte and Co-Founder Caren of Caren Agency wanted to create an agency that gave brands an unbiased view of the marketplace, helping to pair them with talent that would answer their specific wants and needs and connect them to the right audiences, at scale. Over the last 6 years, Project X has gone from strength to strength launching and scaling the influencer marketing channel for brands including, Oddbox, Skin + Me and allplants, in order to deliver exponential growth!