Addiction Recovery, Speed to Care, Higher Consciousness, AI and Web3: It’s Episode 28 of THE BOOST with Jimmy Lyons, VP of Growth at FURTHER

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In this conversation, Steve Turney interviews Jimmy Lyons, the VP of Growth at Further, a conversion rate optimization platform for behavioral health.

They discuss the importance of living in the present moment and finding joy in the mundane.

Jimmy shares his personal story of finding help for someone with addiction and how it led him to his current role at Further.

They delve into the features and benefits of Further, including its AI-powered chat function and conversational web forms.

They also explore the intersection of Web3 and mental health, as well as the potential of psychedelics in the field.

Overall, the conversation highlights the role of technology in improving mental health care and promoting well-being.


Living in the present moment and finding joy in the mundane can greatly improve mental well-being.

AI-powered tools like Further can enhance the conversion rate optimization process in behavioral health by providing fast and user-friendly solutions.

Web3 and blockchain technology have the potential to revolutionize mental health care and create new opportunities for anonymity and connection.

The intersection of Web3 and psychedelics is an emerging area of exploration that could have significant implications for mental health treatment.

Moving towards higher consciousness and embracing new technologies can lead to innovative solutions and advancements in mental health care.



Introduction and Virtual Hug


Living in the Present Moment


Jimmy’s Personal Story


Overview of Further and its Features


The Role of AI in Behavioral Health


The Impact of Web3 and Blockchain


The Importance of Anonymity in Web3


The Intersection of Web3 and Psychedelics


Moving Towards Higher Consciousness


Closing Remarks

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