Ep 31: How to Listen Well to Your Audience and Yourself. With guest Megan Gunnell, Founder – Thriving Well Institute

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In this conversation, Steve Turney interviews Megan Gunnell, the founder of Thriving Well Institute and the admin of the Thriving Therapists Facebook group. Megan shares her journey of building a thriving therapist community and offers insights into marketing and scaling a therapy practice.

She emphasizes the importance of listening to the audience and staying within one’s area of expertise. Megan also discusses the value of choosing the right marketing channels for reaching and engaging with the target audience.

In this conversation, Megan Gunnell discusses the importance of building a supportive community and creating a safe space for therapists. She emphasizes the value of quality over quantity when it comes to community size.

Megan also shares her approach to decision-making, which involves listening to the head, heart, and gut and aligning decisions with one’s purpose and values. She explains the concept of distress tolerance and how it can help individuals push through resistance. Megan also discusses the balance between ego and fear and the importance of taking bold action despite fear.


  • Building a community of like-minded professionals can provide support, accountability, and guidance in scaling a therapy practice.
  • Listening to the needs and pain points of the audience is crucial for creating relevant and effective offerings.
  • Staying within one’s area of expertise and focusing on a specific niche can lead to greater success and impact.
  • Choosing the right marketing channels, based on the target audience and personal comfort, can yield better results.



Introduction and Background


The Thriving Therapist Community


Creating the Thriving Therapist Community


Listening to the Audience


Staying in Your Lane


Introduction and Building a Community


Creating a Safe and Supportive Space


Trusting Intuition and Making Aligned Decisions


Listening to Head, Heart, and Gut


Distress Tolerance and Pushing Through Resistance


Balancing Ego and Fear


Taking Bold Action Despite Fear


Closing and Where to Find Megan

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