Episode 29: Overview of The 2024 State of Mental Health Marketing, with Jennifer Christensen of Beacon Media + Marketing

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In this conversation, Steve Turney interviews Jennifer Christensen, CMO and Co-founder of Beacon Media + Marketing, about the 2024 State of Mental Health Marketing Report.

They discuss the research methodology and the main findings of the report. The conversation covers topics such as the importance of referrals and social media advertising in mental health marketing, the interest in new tactics and avenues, the challenges faced by marketers, the need for digital marketing audits, the choice between in-house and agency marketing, and the confidence in evaluating and purchasing AI technology. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the future of mental health marketing and the importance of staying informed.


Referrals and social media advertising are key drivers of success in mental health marketing.

There is a growing interest in new tactics and avenues, such as short form video, podcasts, and AI marketing tools.

Many marketers struggle with clarity and understanding what marketing strategies work best.

Digital marketing audits are essential for evaluating the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

There is a need for a balance between in-house and agency marketing expertise.

Many marketers lack confidence in evaluating and purchasing AI technology.

The overwhelming number of AI tools available can make it difficult for marketers to navigate and make informed decisions.

Continued research and benchmarking are necessary to stay informed and make data-driven marketing decisions.



Introduction and Background


Referrals and Social Media Advertising


Interest in New Tactics and Avenues


Challenges in Marketing


Digital Marketing Audits


In-House vs. Agency Marketing


Confidence in Evaluating and Purchasing AI Technology


The Overwhelm of AI Technology


Conclusion and Future Research

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