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Gloria Bell On Her Journey From Construction and Corporate Cleaning To Entrepreneurship and Women’s Empowerment In Tech

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In this episode of Entrepreneur’s Enigma, host Seth Goldstein sits down for a lively and candid conversation with his longtime friend and powerhouse entrepreneur, Gloria Bell. With over 30 years of business operations, event management, and entrepreneurial experience, Gloria has made the transition from a successful corporate career to becoming the founder of the Women in Tech Summit and the Inspiring Tech Foundation. Join them as they discuss Gloria’s journey through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, her pivot from corporate to tech, and the importance of maintaining a sense of wonder. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, you don’t want to miss this insightful and inspiring conversation with Gloria Bell on Entrepreneur’s Enigma.

Key Moments
[03:58] Transitioned from construction to technology project management.
[06:27] Red Stapler Consulting, Tech start-ups process help. Success or failure.
[10:54] Isabelle lured me back to Philly Startup Leaders.
[15:21] Gloria’s current online hangout – very important.
[16:38] Different social media platforms have unique communities.

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