NB25 – The End of Third-Party Cookies. Is AI the Answer?

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In today’s podcast, the conversation centers around Google’s deprecation of third-party browser cookies, its impact on marketers, and whether AI might be part of the plan for moving digital marketing forward. Greg Verdino and Geoff Livingston discuss the importance of first-party data, the challenges of unifying data, the role of AI and machine learning in data cleaning and personalization, and — of course — the need for a strategic approach to data, marketing, and AI.

What to Listen For

00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage

09:00 How Google’s Deprecation of Third-Party Cookies Impacts Marketers

20:00 The Importance of First-Party Data and the Challenges of Unifying Data

33:30 The Role of AI and ML in a Post-Cookie Marketing Environment

42:00 AI Depends on Strategy and Strategy Depends on Data

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