NB26 – AI Hype is Dead. Long Live AI!

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Yahoo! Finance found that executives are only half as likely to mention AI on their earnings calls. Research from BCG found that enterprises aren’t as enthusiastic as they used to be about generative AI. Even Sequoia Capital — a major investor in AI startups — has argued that the majority of AI tech companies are struggling to nail their value proposition. And all of this is happening as researchers find that OpenAI’s ChatGPT plagiarizes its training data 70% of the time and Google’s latest releases amount to a series of self-inflicted wounds.

AI — and generative AI in particular — sure seems like it has teetered from the peak of hype and fallen into the trough of disillusionment. Greg and Geoff discuss why this might be the case. And why this is a good thing for any company serious about AI.

What to Watch/Listen For:

00:00 Introduction

02:44 AI Hype is Dead

10:32 Challenges of Implementing AI

15:41 Generative AI and its Limitations

31:58 The Hype Around OpenAI

33:27 OpenAI’s Success and Merit

34:54 The Importance of Basic Marketing

36:18 Salesforce’s Focus on Trust

37:45 The Success of Companies like Nvidia and Amazon

40:00 AI as a Baked-in Technology

42:06 Diminished Hype and the Importance of Trust

43:03 The Potential Consolidation and Failures in the AI Space

48:16 Differentiation and the Need for Viable Products

53:54 The End of Hype and the Importance of Getting Serious

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