NB27 – Marketing, AI & Ethics

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On this episode of No Brainer, we’re joined by Paul Chaney. Paul is the editor of the AI Marketing Ethics digest — a newsletter that explores the intersection between marketing and (you guessed it) ethical AI. Paul is a digital marketing veteran who was drawn to the subject of responsible and ethical AI when he saw how how few of the marketers who are racing to adopt generative AI tools are having serious conversations about key ethical issues like bias, fairness, human rights, and even environmental impact. He launched his newsletter to close this gap, and has been engaged the conversation ever since.

Paul, Geoff, and Greg discuss the definition of AI ethics, why they matter for marketing, what it will take to get more marketers to take ethics seriously, and how brands can determine what’s “right.” Along the way, they explore how the choices we make today aren’t so different from the choices marketers made (or didn’t make) in the early days of the internet, email, and (especially) social media. And they land on a fundamental truth: AI ethics aren’t about technology but humanity.

Here’s what to listen for in today’s episode:

00:00 Introduction

01:30 What is AI ethics and why does it matter for marketing?

10:33 Are marketers thinking and doing enough about AI ethics?

14:36 What needs to happen to put responsible AI on the front burner?

25:49 Are generative AI companies inherently unethical?

31:00 Marketing history repeats: the internet, email, social media, and AI

38:05 How can marketers figure out what’s “right?”

46:00 The Ethical Implications of AI and Job Loss

52:15 The Future of AI Ethics in Marketing

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