NB28: Mailbag Episode – Educating Teams and AI Selfies

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In this episode, Greg and Geoff answer listener questions from Lisa NirellPhil Gerbyshak, last week’s guest Paul Chaney, and TikTok commenters in an open-mic mailbag format. They discuss the challenges of educating organizations on AI integration, emphasizing the importance of alignment, change management, and training. They explore why people prefer fake AI-generated images of themselves and the potential impact on corporate recruiting. And they delve into the topic of AI marketing ethics and the need for marketers to prioritize ethical considerations in their work.

The conversation covers the importance of making small improvements, the need for responsible AI, the bare minimum approach in marketing, connecting ethics with day-to-day work, the divide between marketers who get it and those who don’t, the power of authenticity, the divide between brands who get social and those who don’t, and the importance of providing value to customers.

00:00 Start

00:31 Introduction and Open Mic Mailbag

03:40 Educating Organizations on AI Integration

17:48 Fake Imagery with AI and Social Media

28:34 AI Marketing Ethics (Again!)

36:06 – Divide Between Marketers Who Get It and Those Who Don’t

53:58 -.Appreciation for the Audience and Final Word

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