The GIVEcode with Maria Sipka

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In this episode of Tiny Giants, host T. Adeola interviews Maria Sipka, a pioneer in influencer marketing. Maria shares her mission to bring more consciousness into advertising through meaningful and impactful storytelling. They discuss the importance of connecting to one’s passion and community in the creator economy. This episode is brought to you by, a platform that supports parents in guiding their aspiring creator children towards success.


[00:04:05] Finding my passion.

[00:07:07] Money and freedom perspective.

[00:11:11] Finding purpose and passion.

[00:12:27] Impacting positive change in advertising.

[00:18:04] Nurturing our inner energy.

[00:21:26] Building communities for women.

[00:26:24] Young chef partnership with Albertsons. 


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This episode was hosted by T. Adeola of STEM Whisperers.

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