The Making of a Marketer – Talent Showcase w/ Anthony Yepez

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Jess Nickerson and Andy Pondillo are excited highlight the top digital talent open to work across the LinkedIn sphere. Giving our guests a unique forum we will learn what drives them, recap the digital career they’ve constructed, and what their next play looks like.

To start we’re featuring Social Media Director Anthony Yepez. Anthony’s career takes him back to 2009 when he got into the social media game in the infancy stages. Since, he has risen in his career supporting fitness brands such as Spartan Race,, Orangetheory Fitness. Showcasing mastery on the organic, paid, and management side of social media, Anthony also boasts a huge presence amongst social media manager communities on LinkedIn.

Stay tuned for an exciting conversation and insight into one of the top talents on the market!

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