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The Power of Personalization in Marketing

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Have you ever stepped inside a business hoping to buy from them, only to discover you’re just another transaction the staff had to deal with? I think we all have had that experience. I experience this nearly every time I go to a big-box store. I’m just a number, a transaction, and worse, a walking dollar sign as I navigate the aisles and shelves. As a consumer I’m sure you’ll agree that this type of experience is less than ideal. How can you avoid this cold, soul-less, walking dollar sign approach to your  business?
That’s the subject of this episode of Marketing Distilled, I’ll cover personalization in marketing. I’ll talk about what it is, how you can incorporate it into your business, what to avoid, and some examples of how I see companies do this well, and how companies have really messed up in their execution of being more personalized in their marketing.

What is personalization?
How Does Personalization Benefit me and my customers?
How to get started personalizing your marketing
How to Avoid the pitfalls of personalization
To conclude this episode, you’ve learned about the power of personalization in marketing. You’ve learned what it is, the benefits you have as a business, and the benefits you give your customers. You have an idea of what you need to do in your business to start if you haven’t already. Finally, you have a cautionary tale on the pitfalls of personalization.
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