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Zach Carlin From Rural Canada To MMA In Las Vegas To Successful Entrepreneur And Coach

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Welcome back to Entrepreneur’s Enigma, the podcast where we dive into the heart of entrepreneurship—the trials, triumphs, and the lessons learned from adversity. I’m your host, Seth, and in today’s episode, we have the incredible journey of Zach Carlin. Once a small-town kid from rural Canada, Zach found his passion and discipline in the world of boxing, despite its taboo status in his community. This path of discipline led him to the bright lights of Las Vegas, the mecca for Ultimate Fighting Championship aspirants, where he trained among legends and learned some hard truths.
But Zach’s story doesn’t end with the highs and lows of an MMA career cut short by injury and bureaucracy. He reinvented himself in the world of entrepreneurship, coaching, and fitness—eventually co-founding Summit Chasers Network. Zach brings to the table critical insights into the path from fitness facility owner to recognized business coach, helping giants like HP and Salesforce address underlying issues in sales and company growth.
Stay with us as we unravel how a failed business due to COVID, a venture into online coaching, and an emphasis on hiring, SOPs, and consistent leadership have shaped Zach’s approach to scaling businesses and impacting lives.
Zach’s story is one of perseverance, adaptation, and the relentless pursuit of success—themes that any aspiring entrepreneur can relate to and learn from. So, buckle up for an inspirational ride from the rural rings of Canada to the entrepreneurial battlegrounds where the real fight happens. And remember—you can always reach out and connect with Zach through LinkedIn and soon through his revamped website. All links, as always, will be in the show notes. Let’s get started.

Key Moments
[04:48] Struggled with homelessness, found motivation in MMA.
[07:16] Accepting responsibility for failures accelerates personal growth.
[10:23] Learned Muay Thai, traveled, got addicted, skilled.
[14:07] CrossFit as a profitable fitness competition.
[18:37] Expanded performance center, grew sales to 20M.
[22:04] Starting a new business venture through partnership.
[23:17] Started with hiring, expanded to online coaching.
[27:58] Entrepreneurship allows solving important, passionate problems.

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