Episode 37 – Empowering Mental Health Professionals: A Conversation with Brian J. Dixon MD

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In this episode of Boost Conversations, focused on mental health awareness month in May, the host engages with Brian Dixon, MD, the founder and CEO of Simply Psych. Dixon shares insights into balancing patient care and managing his business, highlighting how he dedicates approximately 50% of his time to seeing patients, with the remainder focused on helping other clinicians manage their practices to prevent burnout. He discusses the significance of therapists recognizing their role as small business owners and the importance of outsourcing tasks they’re not skilled at to focus on patient care.

The conversation also covers the challenges of the mental health sector’s lack of differentiation and the undervalued need for marketing within the industry. Dixon emphasizes action over awareness in mental health, encouraging professionals to take concrete steps toward improving their practices and well-being. The dialogue also touches on personal mantras, the concept of ‘keep going’ as a motivational tool, and the significance of not taking on tasks outside one’s expertise to grow one’s business effectively.

00:00 Introduction to Boost Conversations on Mental Health

00:25 A Day in the Life of a Mental Health Professional

01:46 The Power of Gratitude and Motivation

04:56 Unveiling Simply Psych: Revolutionizing Mental Health Practice Management

07:10 The Challenges and Solutions in Mental Health Marketing

12:04 Building a Sustainable Mental Health Practice: Insights and Strategies

23:57 The Importance of Action Over Awareness in Mental Health

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