For Immediate Release

Hosted ByNeville Hobson and Shel Holtz

Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz analyze the news in digital and social media for communications professionals.

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FIR #313: Will Gen Z Finally Kill Email?

It’s old. It’s clunky. It’s insecure. Can a tech-savvy generation help business move on?

FIR #312: The Social Media Press Release Redux

The idea of a destination press release has been around for 15 years. It’s still a good idea.

FIR #311: What Communicators Can Learn From Librarians

Library TikTok has attracted teens to books and libraries. Can marketers emulate their organic success?

FIR #310: Shake Up Your Work-From-Home Routine

Productivity might dip once your routine gets stale. Is it time to spice things up?

FIR #309: Measuring Stuff That Didn’t Happen

Neville and Shel answer a listener’s question

FIR #308: Here Come Virtual Workers

For about $14,800 per year, you, too can have a virtual person do your bidding.

FIR #307: We’ll Pay You…In A Year

Keurig Dr. Pepper has whipped up controversy with its 360-day payment terms

FIR #306: Brand Name Pronunciation as a Marketing Ploy

Brands are taking advantage of consumer difficulty getting their names right

FIR #305: We See You And You Can’t Come In

It’s the monthly long-form episode of For Immediate Release