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Hosted ByNeville Hobson and Shel Holtz

Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz analyze the news in digital and social media for communications professionals.

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FIR #336: Trust, Likability, and Confirmation Bias

“Public individuals” have replaced mainstream media as a source of news and information for many Americans

FIR #335: BBC Fires a Shot in the Disinformation War

BBC Verify is a New Unit That Debunks Misinformation While Sharing Details of Its Own Reporting

FIR #334: Employees Really Do Hate Change

The number of corporate change initiatives has exploded in the last seven years. Employees are exhausted.

FIR #333: When to Disclose That You’ve Used AI

Does every little use of generative AI require disclosure? If not, how do we decide which ones do?

FIR #332: Wikipedia Editors in Tug-of-War over AI-Authored Articles

Worries about accuracy and disclosure are at the center of the debate.

FIR #331: AI Completes Tasks and Raises Fears

Newly released autonomous agents are a wonder to behold. Their potential is terrifying.

FIR #330: Help Wanted — Prompt Engineer

A cottage industry is emerging to help those who struggle crafting usable generative AI prompts

FIR #329: Post Once, Socialize Everywhere

The ActivityPub standard is gaining momentum. Could a federated model finally take on big social media?

FIR #328: What’s In Your Crypto Wallet?

Digital wallets are evolving. Communicators need to get up to speed.