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Hosted ByNeville Hobson and Shel Holtz

Neville Hobson and Shel Holtz analyze the news in digital and social media for communications professionals.

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FIR #400: Love Them or Hate Them, Press Releases Done Well Can Deliver Value

Most press releases suck. That doesn’t render the tool useless.

FIR #399: No More Cookies For You

Third-party tracking cookies will soon be a thing of the past. What are marketers to do?

FIR #398: The Perfect AI Version of Your (or Anybody’s) Voice

OpenAI says its text-to-voice tool is a major leap forward. Is that a good thing?

FIR #397: Some Thought Leadership on Thought Leadership

It pays huge dividends when done well, which is not nearly often enough

FIR #396: Will AI End Google’s Search Dominance?

Some suggest AI’s approach to search is superior. Others argue Google does more than just search.

FIR #395: Extra! Extra! Read All About It! (In Print!)

The monthly long-form episode for March 2024

FIR #394: Marketers, Boards, and AI

AI could lead to fewer marketers. What are boards to do?

FIR #393: Will Jinfluencers Eclipse Traditional Journalism?

Publishers are turning to influencers with huge followings. Can this end well?

FIR #392: Going Below the Surface into Dark Social Media

Messaging apps, private groups, and email accounts for a lot of sharing