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Marketing a startup without a system can be a challenge. We created Founder Success Methods to give you the necessary systems to grow your user base and reach that ARR of your dreams. Episodes include conversations with founders to hear their methods for success. Subscribe so your startup can grow revenue faster!

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Personal Branding Framework

The foundation of your personal brand will either set you up for success or have you struggling to generate consistent revenue. Establishiing your brand requires a plan. On today’s episode, we’re going to cover personal brand tactics that you have to start building your brand with.
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Building your Influence ft. Eric Siu

Special guest Eric Siu joins the podcast to discuss leveling up. Eric Siu is an investor, founder and advisor to companies. He is the Chairman of digital marketing agency Single Grain, which has worked with companies such as Amazon, Uber, and Salesforce.
He also hosts two podcasts: Marketing School with Neil Patel and Leveling Up, an entrepreneurial podcast where he dissects growth levers that help businesses scale.
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How to Market Your Business w/ out an Audience

Buidling your business does not require a crazy amount of followers. In fact, a lot of the traits you build and skills you learn on your way up will help you tremendously. In today’s episode, we’re discussing the best strategies for marketing without a massive audience. Ironically, most of the strategies we cover will help you get to that next level and build the audience you want.
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My $100k Ebook Plan

Yes, I have a plan to make $100k from an ebook in 90 days. Will it work? Make sure you subscribe to find out! I’ll be updating you on the process every week. New episodes will share more about my journey and hwo the process is unfolding.
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Avoid the Biggest Brand Mistakes

We all make massive brand mistakes. In today’s episode we’re going to discuss brand mistakes and even changes we can make to get better results. The foundation you set for your brand will determine the success you reach. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 
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