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Marketing a startup without a system can be a challenge. We created Founder Success Methods to give you the necessary systems to grow your user base and reach that ARR of your dreams. Episodes include conversations with founders to hear their methods for success. Subscribe so your startup can grow revenue faster!

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The Skill of Building Skills

Creating skills is everything. The right skills help us become better at what we do. Everyone should have a focus list of skills that they want to develop. Today’s episode details the best strategy to develop your new skills. You’ll learn how to create the skills that matter and develop the systems to make your life easier.
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Book Review – Built to Sell by John Warrillow

No everyone wants to build businesses to sell. But what I can tell you is that building a business that can be sold will give you a lot of time and freedom. In todays’ book review, I’ll be covering Built to Sell by John Warrillow.
This book will provide you with some incredible strategies to operate your business eaiser and increase your revenue. And you’ll alos learn about buidling systems and hiring the best people for the job.
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Personal Branding: Mindset Isn’t Enough

Creating the right mindset is everything. But the truth is, your mindset is never enough. You need more habits and lifestyle choices that benefit you and who you are. In this episode, we’re gonig to create a plan for you become the best version of yourself and improve your mindset.
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Top 10 Rapper Entrepreneurs

In today’s episode, we go through a list of the top rappers that have become entrepreneurs. Now there are some rules to this:
Must have relevancy and longevity. Doing something for a few years just isn’t enough. We’re counting decades.
Had to have at least one great album. The music aspect will be heavily debatable.
Must have some investments or businesses that we are aware of.

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More Ways to Change Your Mindset

Today, we’re discussing the cliche “how to change your mindset.” I still believe this is important, especially because of where the world is now. We have to create better versions of ourselves so that the world can be better. I want to share some strategies and tactics that will make you successful.
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How to Combat Laziness

Creating the life you want starts with changing who you are. Combatting laziness means you create a new life and attack those habits that you know aren’t serving you.
On this episode, you’ll learn more about the strategies that will help you reach the next level and get the outcome that you want. 
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Three Steps to Making Your First Sales

Making your first sales online can be terrifying. I want to give you a few steps to take so that making money online is actually easier.
Starting with a masterclass is going to help you make more money A LOT faster. In this episode, you’re going to learn the fastest way to get results being a creator online.
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Set Goals for Your Business

Setting goals for your business means you set yourself up for success. The growth you want to experience comes when you plan and set things in motion. Small businesses and startups have to take action and plan things out.
Milestone is designed to help you create a plan and set yourself up for success. Every month you breakdown the focus you have and what you want the outcome to be.
You can get access to Milestone here: www.TheMilestoneSystem.Life 
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Unpopular Opinion: Hard Work isn’t Real

Hard work isn’t real. I believe everyone can do things they love. And when you’re doing things you love, you’re not actually working hard.
Hard work means you’re doing something that you don’t actually want to do. When you find a way out, a way to do the things you care about doing, you get to start living life on a different level.
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