Marketing With Empathy

Hosted BySarah Panus

How do I focus my brand storytelling strategy to get people aligned and make work less overwhelming and confusing? How do I create a brand storytelling framework and prove the value of brand storytelling? What content should my brand talk about, and where should we look for insights? How can I be more creative, and confidently sell-in my ideas without feeling like an imposter? Is influencer marketing right for my brand? What are great brand storytelling examples? Are there brand blog best practices I’m missing? And—how do I more confidently listen to my inner-voice for a more joy-filled (a.k.a. saner) life? Welcome to the Marketing With Empathy podcast where we answer ALL of this and more!

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28. Using Data to Tell a Story – Shutterfly, Jennifer George Caligiuri

What’s the insight that helps shape a great story and solve your consumer’s problem? VP of Communications & PR at Shutterfly, Jennifer George Caligiuri, joins Sarah to share her experiences from Shutterfly, Headspace, Murad and The Wonderful…

27. Are Your Mineral Levels Holding You Back in Your Career? — Victoria Franca, Omne Wellness

Functional Practitioner, Victoria Franca teams up with Sarah to discuss something you may know nothing about—but should. Sarah’s mineral health journey and the impact on your health and ability to thrive in your career.   SHOW NOTES:  …

26. Cambria’s Pinterest & IGTV Storytelling – Alyssa Greve

Alyssa Greve, Director of Digital Content Marketing at Cambria Surfaces, joins Sarah to discuss ways to tell stories across Pinterest and IGTV; two powerfully visual platforms.

25. Sleep Number’s Storytelling Evolution- Lisa Bailey

VP of Media and Digital Activation at Sleep Number, Lisa Bailey, goes down memory lane with Sarah to discuss their brand storytelling evolution the last 10+ years. Together, Sarah and Lisa have worked with Sleep Number more than 32 years combined! ALL sorts of juicy goodness. How Sleep Number makes mattresses engaging.

24. BONUS- Brand Storytelling Webinar Replay

In case you missed it, listen to replay of Sarah Panus’ Brand Storytelling webinar. Discussing why EFD is a BFD; the 5 Essentials Every Brand Storytelling Blueprint Needs; and details about Sarah’s new online course, Brand Storytelling Blueprint….

23. Too Busy? Think About This.

What are you doing to advance your skills & stay competitive? Why feeling “too busy” isn’t doing you any favors, and a helpful way to quickly help your brand storytelling strategy work.   SHOW NOTES: INSTAGRAM:    …

22. Getting Alignment on Your Content Plan

Is there a better way to get alignment on your content plans inside your organization, and reduce push-back and multiple future revisions? Sarah’s advice to help.

21. 9 Ways to Think Like a Brand Editorial Director

Wondering what else you can do to better organize and plan your brand storytelling strategy? Sarah Panus shares advice and insights after extensive research/experience across content marketing roles. JOIN the Brand Storytelling Blueprint mini-course…

20. How to Increase Your Energy Levels, with Caroline Milton

Energy Engineer, Caroline Milton from The Transformation Table, joins Sarah Panus to discuss habits to help increase your energy levels to help you thrive in your career and personal life.