The Fuel Podcast

Hosted ByKeith Smith

Interviews with leaders of companies from all areas of business on how they generate sales. What tactics do they use for their particular industry and how can you learn new tricks for your industry – all delivered with a jaunty perspective for your listening enjoyment!

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Episode 6 – Andres Korin, Storkcard

Balancing work and childcare in quarantine, how it takes a village to raise babies and Jeremy Davies explains why you never meet new business people at dinner parties

Episode 5: Alex Kirkpatrick – Incite New Business

Cycling conference calls, markers on walls, “can you tell what it is yet?” these are a few of Alex’s favourite things

Episode 4: Tom Cheesewright – Applied Futurist

Tom’s book, ‘High Frequency Change’, selfish van drivers, machines talking to machines and the future of pizza, cold calling and selling

Episode 3: Ben Potter – New Business mentor

When all about you are losing their heads, keep calm and listen to Ben. If you need clarity in new business, he’ll see you right!

Episode 1: Goin’ Viral

Keep calm and carry on. It’s the new normal and nothing to be worried about. Really?

Episode 2: Phil Lewis

Imposter delusion, not taking part in a pandemic and knowing your creative value.

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