The Fuel Podcast

Interviews with leaders of companies from all areas of business on how they generate sales. What tactics do they use for their particular industry and how can you learn new tricks for your industry – all delivered with a jaunty perspective for your listening enjoyment!

Mark Denton: The New Boy

We need a hero. We need someone Pleasingly Reserved and Artfully Modest. Mark Denton is a creative veteran of some 40 years. He’s directed over 500 commercials. He’s one of the most awarded creatives in the world Yet he still regards himself as the new boy. An hour of entertainment, delivered in Mark’s inimitable style:…

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Linking-In with Keith & Natasha: Lazy Selling

“Stand and Deliver!” is not a recommended sales technique we’ve ever heard of, so why are behemoths like Apple, Google, Twitter and Facebook all doing it? Keith & Natasha dissect the right and wrong way to generate new business and create loyalty. In less than 20 minutes! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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Linking-In: Deadly Sins – with Keith & Natasha

Discussing morality in the creative agency world. What role do agencies play in changing the public mindset when it comes to big oil or tobacco? And what other sins do creative agencies regularly commit? Also – your chance to choose our theme music! Vote: 1. Acid 2. Dance 3. Starsky 4. Chill 5. Cheezy 6….

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Brad Smith: You Gotta Have Faith

What effect does faith have in the sales and marketing process? Whether you’re a religious person or not, belief in things yet to happen is part and parcel of sales and marketing. We’re all doing things now that will hopefully benefit us in the future. But does believing in the future make it happen? There’s…

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Paul Bainsfair (IPA) – the 60:40 rule

Is the advertising business a form of business or entertainment? It needs to be entertaining but there definitely is a science to it. Paul Bainsfair is the Director General of the IPA – the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. He’s a veteran of the industry, with board-level experience at TBWA, Saatchis and Iris, he’s using…

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