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Podcasting as Counter-Narrative: The Podcasters Dilemma

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Podcasting enables voices to be heard.

Podcasting is naturally anti-establishment, as it enables under-represented peoples to be heard. Though this medium, listeners can easily access a variety of viewpoints, sources, and opinions without restriction. In many cases, podcasts offer alternative views than are presented in traditional news and entertainment media. The stories and information provided are from those actually living the life, directly experiencing oppression, or presenting a specific cultural context. This type of content rarely makes the “Big Media,” but provides immediate, personal access to the listeners. 

Get the real stories from those living them.

Drs. Nolan Higdon and Nicholas Baham III connect contemporary podcasting to the broader history of the use of radio technology in the service of anti-colonial struggle and revolution. By organizing the book’s analysis of decolonization through podcasting via three distinct activities—interrogation and critique, counter-narrative, and call to action—the authors create a lens through which they analyze and evaluate the decolonizing potential of new podcasts. The book also critiques the threat to the decolonizing efforts of some modern podcasts by the growing phenomena of surveillance capitalism.

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