Endless Coffee Cup

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Endless Coffee Cup is a discussion of marketing news, culture, and media for our complex digital lifestyle. With a wide range of marketing topics, we bring insights beyond the headlines, and a challenge to “ask why.” Hosted by Matt Bailey, CEO & Founder of SiteLogic.

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What Can We Really Expect from AI?

With the recent hype and excitement about ChatGPT and AI, I chat with an AI expert about the realities (and limitations) of AI technology.

Reporting from the 1 Billion Followers Summit, Dubai

Greg Jarboe and Matt Bailey ventured to Dubai to attend the 1 Billion Follower Summit.

How Should You Start Your Digital Marketing Career?

Should you start your digital marketing career as a freelancer? Or, should you go work for a brand, business, or agency?

Is Certification Better than a Degree in Digital Marketing?

What’s the Value of Certification in Digital Marketing? Some hiring managers say that they are considering certifications more than degrees!

Marketing the Metaverse

The Metaverse is coming, but what is it?

Why Don’t We Teach History of Digital Marketing?

I’m amazed that the world of digital media, social media and technology tends to be taught without any historical context.

7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #7 – Presentation

Why do marketers use right-brain tactics to reach and persuade an audience, but give boring presentations full of charts, graphs, and data tables? Because they don’t treat internal audiences like customers!

How Do You Create Social Media Content for the Biggest Show in the World?

Mohtab Arabiat managed the social media team at the largest world-wide event in 2021. Hear the challenges and victories of managing a 6-month global event!

7 Digital Marketing Skills: Skill #6 – Asking Questions

According to Neil Postman, “question-asking is the single greatest tool humans have” yet it seems to be one of the most underutilized and under-valued skills in the workplace today.