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Does the world need another f’in’ marketing podcast? Find out, with me Ian Truscott, for a podcast that serves as my excuse to chat with friends old and new that I’ve met through my marketing career, as a marketing leader, trusted advisor and analyst as we share some marketing street knowledge we’ve picked up along the way. Come say hello, we are RockstarCMO on Twitter and LinkedIn

The Come Together with Agencies, Andrew Davies from Paddle and Marketing Like we Are Playing Golf with a Cocktail Episode

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This week in the Rockstar CMO Marketing Studio, Jeff Clark, former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester gives his advice on how to work with agencies.
Ian Truscott goes backstage with Andrew Davies, who is the Chief Marketing Officer at Paddle a complete payments infrastructure for high-growth software companies, currently serving over 3000 customers. Previously Andrew was VP of Corporate Marketing at Optimizely (formerly Episerver), where he led global strategy for Demand Gen, Brand, Digital, ABM, and Content after they acquired Idio, the business he co-founded. Aside from being a co-founder, as Idio’s CMO, Andrew helped build the company from scratch to a market leader in B2B content personalization. And as you’ll hear, during his time at Optimizely, they integrated five acquisitions and rebranded the entire company.
Finally, we wind down the week in the Rockstar virtual bar to join Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory. Over a cocktail, Ian and Robert chat about how we approach content marketing like golf, over a classic cocktail.
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