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Hosted ByIan Truscott

Host Ian Truscott is a techie turned CMO and while he's no rockstar, in this weekly podcast he chats to the true rockstars, his fabulous guests and chums, to share a wide range of practical experience and advice that they call marketing street knowledge. Learn more, follow and get the show notes at

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The 3 Wonders of Case Studies and a Cocktail of Owned Media Episode

This week Jeff Clark and Ian Truscott give tips for great B2B case studies and Robert Rose shares his tips on owned media over a cocktail.

The Getting Ready to Get Ready for AI with Cathy and a Cocktail with Robert Episode

This week a double dose of The Content Advisory, with Cathy McKnight there Chief Problem Solver sharing their research into the use of AI in marketing, and Robert Rose is in the virtual bar with some great advice on how to handle what’s next.

The Creating Content in a World with AI and Script Writing with a Cocktail Episode

This week, Jeff Clark turns the tables on Ian Truscott, asking the questions as Ian shares 5 tips for content marketing in a world of AI and Robert Rose goes all Hollywood with some advice on using scripts.

The Beyond MQLs and Getting Fast and Sloppy with A.I. in the Bar Episode

This week Jeff Clark suggests 5 metrics B2B should use instead of MQLs and Robert Rose is the virtual bar talking about AI.

The Backstage with David Alexander of Everbridge and Robert Rose on Rules over a Cocktail Episode

This week Ian goes backstage David Alexander, the CMO at Everbridge and Robert Rose shares his advice on marketing rules and metrics over a cocktail in our virtual bar.

The Big Payback of Marketing ROI and the Demise of Twitter Episode

This week Jeff and Ian dive into the rabbit hole of marketing ROI sharing 5 tips and over a cocktail Robert is in the bar lamenting the demise of Twitter and organic social

The 5 Tips for Budget Season and Getting Controversial over a Cocktail Episode

This week Ian gets some advice from Jeff Clark on setting marketing budgets and Robert Rose is in the virtual bar getting a little controversial.

The 5 F’in Content Management Challenges and Borrowing Content with a Cocktail Episode

This week Ian joins Jeff Clark in the studio to be surprised that enterprises still have a content management problem before winding the down week in the bar with Robert Rose for a cocktail of borrowed content marketing.

The Building a Marketing Team and The Skills of the Magnificent Seven Episode

This week Jeff Clark shares 5 keys to success when building your marketing team and we enjoy a pre-loved edition of cocktails and we dip into the Rockstar CMO virtual bar archive and chat about skills.