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Hosted ByIan Truscott

Host Ian Truscott is a techie turned CMO and while he's no rockstar, in this weekly podcast he chats to the true rockstars, his fabulous guests and chums, to share a wide range of practical experience and advice that they call marketing street knowledge. Learn more, follow and get the show notes at

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The F’in’ Fundamentals, Backstage with Shamir Duverseau and a Cocktail for First Party Data Episode

This week in the marketing studio, Jeff and Ian discuss the Rockstar CMO 5 F’in’ Marketing Fundamentals, we go backstage with co-founder of Smart Panda Labs Shamir Duverseau and Robert has a thought about data over a cocktail in our virtual bar.

The Resisting Product Campaign Temptation, Backstage with Leslie Semegran, CMO, VEG and a 150th Episode Cocktail Episode

This week Jeff Clark discusses how to resist the B2B temptation for product based campaigns, Leslie Semegran, CMO, VEG joins us backstage and Robert Rose says cheers to 150 episodes in the virtual bar.

The Four Steps to ARTful Campaigns, Aaron Temple, the Unapologetic Eclectic and Suave Branding with Robert Rose over a Cocktail Episode

This week Jeff Clark shares four steps for creating campaigns that deliver ART, we go backstage with the owner of brand and strategy agency Three Over Four, Aaron Temple and Robert Rose talks brand over a cocktail.

The New Year’s Marketing Resolutions, Getting an Education with Matt Bailey and a Word for 2023 over a Cocktail Episode

This week Seth Golden pops in for his prediction for 2023, Jeff Clark is back sharing his marketing resolutions, we go backstage with sought after marketing trainer Matt Bailey and we ponder Robert Rose’s word of 2023 over a cocktail.

The Ending the Year Under the Influence with Jason Falls and Beth Torrie and Robert Rose Makes Predictions with a Cocktail Episode

This week Ian catches up with Jason Falls, author of Winfluence to chat about his new role, we go backstage with analysts relations expert Beth Torrie and Robert Rose makes his predictions for 2023 in the virtual bar.

The Metaverse and Marketing Gifts Holiday Special Episode

This week Ian Truscott dives into the metaverse with omnichannel and digital experience experts Noz Urbina and Mark Demeny and Robert Rose shares what he’d like under his marketing Christmas tree this year.

The Predictions Pick, Revealing the De-Positioning Secret and Writing with Robots Episode

This week Jeff Clark picks four predictions for 2023, Todd Irwin returns to discuss de-positioning, how it’s worked for Starbucks and Apple and over a cocktail Robert Rose talks about AI and content.

The Tech Stack Grinch, 12 Pitfalls for CMOs and a Where Content Lives over a Cocktail Episode

This week inspired by a Forrester predictions webinar Jeff Clark discusses spending less on marketing technology, Grant Johnson CMO Emburse returns to share is 12 CMO pitfalls and Robert Rose asks where content lives over a cocktail.

The ARTE in Campaigns, Making Time for Strategy with Richard Medcalf and a Dip into the Purple Ocean with a Cocktail Episode

This week Jeff Clark talks about creating Awareness, Revenue, Trust and Enablement (ARTE) in campaigns, executive coach Richard Medcalf returns to talk about making time for strategy and Robert Rose suggests a dip into the purple ocean over a cocktail.