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Hosted ByIan Truscott

Host Ian Truscott is a techie turned CMO and while he's no rockstar, in this weekly podcast he chats to the true rockstars, his fabulous guests and chums, to share a wide range of practical experience and advice that they call marketing street knowledge. Learn more, follow and get the show notes at

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The Customer Marketing, Reebok’s Connor Altier and Marketing Mnemonics in the Bar Episode

This week Jeff shares a model for customer marketing, Ian goes backstage with Connor Altier, Global Brand Strategy Lead at Reebok and Robert is in the bar sharing some marketing mnemonics

The 5 F’in’ Content Marketing Fundamentals, Part 2 of the State of CMO and What’s Not in the Bar Episode

This week Jeff turns the tables on Ian as they discuss content marketing, Sarah Kimmel returns to discuss the CMSWire State of CMO report and Robert Rose wonders what’s not there in the Rockstar CMO bar.

The Dip Into The Pool, State of the CMO with Sara Kimmel and Brand Value in the Bar Episode

This week Jeff Clark is by the Swimming Pool discussing five candidates for our portal to marketing hell, VP Research at Simpler Media, Sara Kimmel shares their latest CMO research and Robert Rose is in our virtual bar talking about the value of brand.

The Mind the Gap Analysis, B2B tech Geekery with Riaz Kanani and Becoming Inadvertently Indifferent Episode

This week Jeff shares 7 steps for assessing your marketing capabilities, Ian goes backstage with Riaz Kanani, founder and CEO of Radiate B2B and over a cocktail Robert wonders if B2B marketing is becoming a bit inadvertently indifferent

The Jeff’s 5 Fundamentals of Marketing Ops, Matt Bailey on Hiring and Robert Chats Without Robot Assistance in the Bar Episode

This week Jeff Clack shares his 5 Fundamentals of Marketing Operations, Matt Bailey returns to talk about marketing skills and hiring and Robert Rose is in the bar wondering is a robot will take his job.

The Jeff gets Personal with B2B, Valuegraphics with David Allison and Sticking with Change over a Cocktail with Robert Episode

This week Jeff and Ian discuss a Forrester article on B2B personalisation, we go backstage with David Allison and talk abut his valuegraphics work and Robert gives advice on sticking with change in the Rockstar CMO bar.

The Jeff on Category Confusion, Rachel Miller Influences B2B and over a Cocktail Robert orders from Dominos Episode

This week Jeff and Ian explore a nomination for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool’ “vendors creating categories”, we go backstage with founder of Swayd Rachel Miller and Robert shares advice on CX having ordered a pizza.

The Sales Relationship Advice, Backstage with CRM expert Adeola Sole and a Weak Thought Leadership Warning Episode

This week Jeff shares 7 tips on the how to build a great relationship with sales, Ian goes backstage with the founder of Strategy CRM, Adeola Sole and over a cocktail Robert warns against weak thought leadership.

The Picture This With Metrics, Nimble Gravity’s Courtney Lindau and the Visible Process Cocktail Episode

This week Jeff shares 6 steps for selling your story of success, web analytics and strategy expert Courtney Lindau from Nimble Gravity shares her insights and Robert talks process over a cocktail.