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Does the world need another f’in’ marketing podcast? Find out, with me Ian Truscott, for a podcast that serves as my excuse to chat with friends old and new that I’ve met through my marketing career, as a marketing leader, trusted advisor and analyst as we share some marketing street knowledge we’ve picked up along the way. Come say hello, we are RockstarCMO on Twitter and LinkedIn

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Think Like a Brand #2 – Sometimes Do The Counter-Intuitive Thing

In this special mid-week mini episode we continue to dive into Liz High’s book “Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank” and it’s first principle – sometimes do the counter-intuitive thing

The All That Glitters Ain’t Martech Gold, Max Koziolek on Conversational Marketing and a Cocktail with Stakeholders Episode

This week Jeff shares 7 lessons on buying marketing technology, Ian chats with Max Koziolek founder of Spectrm about conversational marketing and Robert suggest turning marketing stakeholders into investors.

Think Like A Brand Special #1 – Intro and The Drug of Choice

In this special mid-week mini episode we dive into Liz High’s book “Think Like a Brand, Not a Bank” and some of the data that supports the case for building a brand

The CDP’s, Thinking Like a Brand not a Bank and a Cocktail for the Buyers Needs Episode

This week Jeff Clark gives a primer on CDPs (Customer Data Platforms), Liz High discusses her new book Think Like a Brand not a Bank and Robert Rose discusses the needs of the buyer over a cocktail.

The Revenue Operations, Galina Sobolev CMO of StyleScan and a Cocktail from Cleveland Episode

This week Jeff Clark and Ian Truscott discuss whether revenue operations is a one hit wonder or wonder wall, our guest is fashion designer and CMO of StyleScan Galina Sobolev and Robert Rose shares some thoughts from this week’s Content Marketing World.

The Come Together with Agencies, Andrew Davies from Paddle and Marketing Like we Are Playing Golf with a Cocktail Episode

This week in the Marketing Studio, Jeff Clark shares his advice on working with agencies, we go backstage with Andrew Davies the CMO at Paddle and Robert Rose suggests we approach content marketing like golf in the Rockstar CMO bar.

The Product Marketing for Growth, Startup Marketing with Seth Goldstein and Bringing Change over a Cocktail Episode

This week in the marketing studio Jeff Clark discusses product marketing for growth, we go backstage with agency founder Seth Goldstein and Robert Rose talks about change over a the virtual bar.

The Enabling our Teams with Jeff, The Trouble with CMOs with Irene and Differentiating over a Cocktail with Robert Episode

This week Jeff Clark talks about enabling our marketing teams, Ian Truscott chats with friend of the show Irene Nehrkorn-Kayn on the trouble with CMOs and Robert Rose talks differentiating through execution over a cocktail

The Jeff’s in the Pool with A.I, Backstage with Leila Modarres, CMO Apexon and Robert Feels the Need for Communication Episode

This week Jeff Clark discusses a candidate for our portal to marketing to hell; A.I. We go backstage with Apexon’s CMO Leila Modarres and in the virtual bar Robert Rose discusses content for sales over a Tom Cruise cocktail.