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Host Ian Truscott is a techie turned CMO and while he's no rockstar, in this weekly podcast he chats to the true rockstars, his fabulous guests and chums, to share a wide range of practical experience and advice that they call marketing street knowledge. Learn more, follow and get the show notes at

The Customer Marketing, Reebok’s Connor Altier and Marketing Mnemonics in the Bar Episode

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This week our host Ian Truscott joins Jeff Clark Rockstar CMO Strategy Advisor and former Forrester Research Director in the marketing studio where Jeff shares a model for customer marketing.

Ian goes backstage with Connor Altier, the Global Brand Strategy Lead at Reebok, who shares the story of his fabulous career so far, some insight into working for a B2C brand and has a great nomination for our portal to marketing hell, the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool.

Finally, Ian grabs a cocktail in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar with Robert Rose, Chief Troublemaker at The Content Advisory, and he discusses marketing mnemonics and, specifically, his 5 C’s for content marketing.


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