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Host Ian Truscott is a techie turned CMO and while he's no rockstar, in this weekly podcast he chats to the true rockstars, his fabulous guests and chums, to share a wide range of practical experience and advice that they call marketing street knowledge. Learn more, follow and get the show notes at

The Profit vs Popularity, Martech by Capabilities and Content Marketing is Just Marketing Episode

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This week, our host Ian Truscott shares a thought from his Tuesday 2¢ blog about profit versus profitability, inspired by a post on LinkedIn by Jay Acunzo

Continuing last week’s topic Jeff Clark, our resident Rockstar CMO strategic advisor and former Research Director at SiriusDecisions/Forrester, shares his approach to marketing technology, starting with capabilities.

We then wind down the week in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar and get transported away with Robert Rose, Chief Trouble Maker at The Content Advisory, who, over a cocktail, asks is content marketing now just marketing.

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