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Interviews with leaders of companies from all areas of business on how they generate sales. What tactics do they use for their particular industry and how can you learn new tricks for your industry – all delivered with a jaunty perspective for your listening enjoyment!

Jeremy Davies – The Little Christmas Train special episode

Share the goodness!

New business expert and comedian Jeremy Davies stops by to share a glass of eggless eggnog and pull a cracker or two.

Before we get too drunk on liqueur chocolates, we discuss what we can all learn from sales in other sectors and we breathe new life into the aphorism “People Buy People”. We discuss AI, Benders in Escorts, streaming Nottingham Forest games in Ibiza , discuss what those little bits in the player thing of Trivial Pursuit are called and Jeremy makes a great case for the renaming of Monopoly. he tells us what the worst Christmas record in the World is – all while he’s madly trying to tidy up the house before his wife gets home!

A happy holiday to all our listeners, currently sharing a mini mince pie and having their Christmas get-together in a phone box.

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