The Fuel Podcast

Hosted ByKeith Smith

Interviews with leaders of companies from all areas of business on how they generate sales. What tactics do they use for their particular industry and how can you learn new tricks for your industry – all delivered with a jaunty perspective for your listening enjoyment!

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Linking-In: Deadly Sins – with Keith & Natasha

Discussing morality in the creative agency world. What role do agencies...

Brad Smith: You Gotta Have Faith

What effect does faith have in the sales and marketing process?...

Dr. Rachel Lawes: Unspoken Lawes

The Science of Semiotics

Paul Bainsfair (IPA) – the 60:40 rule

Is the advertising business a form of business or entertainment? It...

Keith Smith: Talking to Strangers

The art of conversation

David Brown: Is AI eating our lunch?

Creatives with AI podcast host interview

Clare Sutton: Food & Drink & Public Relations

Clarion PR’s Food & Drink report

David Pearl: The Wanderer

Timothy Leary once told us to Turn on, tune in and...