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Paul Bainsfair (IPA) – the 60:40 rule

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Is the advertising business a form of business or

entertainment? It needs to be entertaining but there definitely is a science to


Paul Bainsfair is the Director General of the IPA – the Institute

of Practitioners in Advertising. He’s a veteran of the industry, with

board-level experience at TBWA, Saatchis and Iris, he’s using his 35+ years in

the business to champion the cause of advertising as a driver of the economy.

But he’s also acutely aware of the issues facing the world

of advertising – the environment, DE&I, frequency and advertising fatigue.

So, the IPA’s focus for 2024 is the 60:40 rule and helping

companies and brands to strike a balance between brand building and activation –

as the old song goes, like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the


In this wide-ranging chat, Paul and I discuss the difference

between US and UK advertising, why ads need to deliver the relevant unexpected,

the latest Bellwether reports and a marketing budget forecast for the next 12

months, the wisdom of Tim Delaney, balancing the standards, saving the economy,

new business opportunities for all agencies, the analogy of steam trains and

Irish songwriters.

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