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Dr. Rachel Lawes: Unspoken Lawes

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In this show, we discuss the unspoken signs of success; in

leadership, branding, and work and personal relationships.

Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols and their use or

interpretation and my guest – Dr Rachel Lawes is a social psychologist

specializing in the interface between individuals and consumer culture. She is

a Fellow of the Market Research Society and her latest book “Using

Semiotics in Retail: Leveraging Consumer Insight to Engage Shoppers and Boost

Sales” makes her the ideal person to tackle this subject.

This show is packed with insights that will give your brain

a load of new wrinkles, including:

Those leaders with high EQs

How to make the best of a cold

Why Christmas decorations are like viruses

The delirium of duty free

Top down and bottom up semiotics

Elite Waitrose shoppers

Creating a reality that others will follow

The downside of tech driven relationships

Semiotics and the pharmaceutical sector

The baboon that finds lost things

The horrors of The Bible



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