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Strategies and Perspectives on Navigating the from Industry experts from, Brand Marketers, Management Executives and Creators. The pandemic has given rise to a new generation of digital talent managers. While the spotlight is on influencer fame and brand Influencer Marketing Managers, talent managers often go unrecognized. The low barrier to entry has caused many unqualified and inexperienced individuals to enter the industry, creating a negative perception of the profession and making it difficult for skilled managers to stand out. Aspiring talent managers face many challenges; including a lack of understanding of brands’ needs, non-existent training programs, documentation, mentorships, role models, and software solutions that cater to their needs. Without these resources they are unable to learn effectively or manage their clients efficiently.

Brooke Berry: Amplifying Talents’ Audiences and Business Growth on Snap

Join us on The Done Deal Show as hosts Tonje Bakang and Tinashe Chaponda chat with Snap’s head of talent development, Brooke Berry. Brooke spills the tea on her rise from film student to talent management at CAA and now Snap. She dishes out savvy tips on boosting audiences and building a business on Snap,…

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Mary Grace Scully: Unpacking UGC Marketing Trends & Technology’s Creative Revolution

Tinashe Chaponda and Tonje Bakang welcome Mary Grace Scully, Director of Growth Marketing at the online shopping startup Locker onto the show to discuss UGC marketing. Mary Grace covers the past and present state of UGC, as well as how it can be leveraged by talent managers for partnerships with brands. They also explore its…

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Avi Gandhi: Essential Strategies for Talent Managers to Skyrocket Their Business Success

Looking to boost your talent management business? Tune in to Tonjé BAKANG TONJE and Tinashe Chaponda‘s latest episode where they chat with Avi Gandhi, a seasoned writer, advisor, and entrepreneur in the creator economy. With over 14 years of experience in agent management, production, marketing, and executive roles at WME, Wheelhouse, and Patreon, Avi is well-equipped to share his…

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