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Hosted ByTonje Bakang Tonje & Tinashe Chopanda

Introducing the Done Deal Podcast Show - your go-to source for insider knowledge and strategies on navigating the talent management industry. Join us as we go Behind the Talent Manager to uncover the perspectives of industry experts, including Brand Marketers, Management Executives, and Creators.Why does it matter today? With the rise of a new generation of digital talent managers, it’s more important than ever to recognize the valuable role they play in the industry. While the spotlight is often on influencer fame and brand marketing, talent managers are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, working tirelessly to ensure their clients’ success. However, with a low barrier to entry, inexperienced and unqualified individuals have entered the field, creating a negative perception of the profession and making it difficult for skilled managers to stand out.That’s why our podcast is dedicated to providing aspiring talent managers with the resources they need to succeed. We understand the challenges they face, including a lack of understanding of brands’ needs, non-existent training programs, documentation, mentorships, role models, and software solutions that cater to their needs. Without these resources, it can be difficult for talent managers to learn effectively or manage their clients efficiently.Through insightful interviews with industry experts, we’ll explore the latest trends and best practices in talent management, including strategies for building and nurturing relationships with clients, negotiating contracts, and handling crises. We’ll also dive into the business side of talent management, discussing topics like budgeting, marketing, and legal considerations.

Our podcast is a community of talented and dedicated professionals who are committed to elevating the standards of the talent management industry. Whether you’re an aspiring talent manager or an industry veteran, the Done Deal Podcast Show is your essential guide to navigating the ever-evolving landscape of talent management. Tune in today and join the conversation!

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